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I am the wolf, 
Watch how I soar;
I'll bear to you my fangs,
Now hear the echoes of my roar.
I am an ember,
I'll burn the sky;
You'll all suffocate in my presence,
Reaching for mercy as you die.
I am the wind,
I'll toss you aside;
To you, I am an enigma,
Watch with envy as I glide.
I am the water,
In a never-ending flow;
I'll rain down from the skies above,
And drown you from the ground below.
I am the Earth,
I created you, don't you see?
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
In the end you'll all return to me.
I am the sky,
You look to my majesty, and you kneel;
I fill you with awe and wonder,
I can be disastrous or all depends on how I feel.
I am existence,
I've bound your fates with silver threads;
You see me all around you,
I am all that fills your heads.
I am emotion,
Your addiction and your chains;
From your disappointment in humanity,
To your sentimentality when it rains.
I am logic,
Coldness in truth;
Detached from those wretched emotions,
That blind the starry eyes of youth.
I am time,
No matter how much you have, it'll never be enough;
You all think you'll live forever,
But your headstones and urns will call your bluff.
I am the universe,
Starry infinitesse;
Planets, asteroids, black holes, and moons,
Civilizations in excess.
I am the multiverse,
The sheer number of my universes, unknown.
You think yours is the only one?
Well you are far from being alone.
Why haven't I destroyed you?
Why create you, only to watch you fall?
Because I want to watch you do it yourselves,
Forever tormented by the fact that you mean nothing at all...

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Posted on 08:06PM on Feb 4th, 2013
Did you write this? It's beautiful!
Posted on 08:09PM on Feb 4th, 2013
Thank you. I did.
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