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Boundaries...In a world with such varied inhabitants, where exactly do ours lie? The earth is like a gumball dispenser on a sidewalk or in a supermarket, a variety of colours crowding a clear container, advertising to the playful youth of the world the joys within, the silver crank gleaming in the light, silently challenging its audience to come and see what's behind the door...all for the sacrifice of a single coin. A shiny new quarter leaves the eager hand of a child, and the hand travels to the crank, each click an unwritten signature, signing over the quarter to the machine, knowing full well what'll be behind the door, yet unsuspecting of what will make it different, or the same, as its successor. Will it taste like raspberries?...maybe watermelon? might even be a rare sour one...whatever the outcome, and no matter how different it may be from the one the next child will obtain, and the next, and the next, one thing remains constant: they are all, more or less, different in some way. It is the same with human beings: we are all unique in some way, be it our situations, our personalities, our hopes and dreams, whether we have them at all, the paths and stages we've gone through to get to where we are now, our burdens, our talents, our families, our thoughts, our opinions, our fears, the things that bring us distress, or the things that bring us comfort...the fact is that no two people are ever truly the same. Man cannot, in a world crowded with those of his own kind, avoid human interaction. Try as he might, it is inevitable that he will come voice to voice, face to face, or skin to skin with another, and when that happens, how will he, limited only to knowledge of himself, recognize, and respect, the boundaries of others? It seems that, like the child and the gumball machine, we all make sacrifices in order to benefit in some way from our interactions with others. The narcissistic learn to listen to the stories of others, those who long for the touch of another learn to look, but not touch, those who desire to always be around their significant others learn to give them space...but the question always remains: how much sacrifice must be must be made in order to continue to benefit from our interactions? At what point have we gone "too far"? When does "Love" become "obsession" in the eyes of the loved? When does "touching" become "harassment" in the eyes of the touched? When does "protection" turn to "suffocation" in the eyes of the protected? When does "Yes" turn to "No"...?  But boundaries can also be too close, and too easily crossed...When does "just listening" turn into "being secretive"? At what point does "space" become "too much space"? and how far is it between "controlling oneself" and "being neglectful"? With our fleeting and ever-changing interactions, how are we to study the other party in order to  learn just how much of our nature to sacrifice?  Why are we told to be ourselves, when we risk pushing others away? And just how do we find those whose boundaries fit our natures enough that we don't have to sacrifice anything at all? In such a varied world, do they exist? or are we a civilization of neverending possibilities, with no sure fits for us all? If we cannot fully explore our natures without another, were we created to never fully express ourselves at all? How cruel a creator must we have then, to have given us so many variables, only to watch us run like rats in a maze, searching for cheese on a scented piece of paper...

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